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My passion is to empower individuals in whatever area of their life they are seeking to improve.  In line with that, my purpose is to facilitate growth on an individual and relational level.  Self-awareness is the key to change and self-improvement in anyone’s life.

As a certified Neuro Science practitioner and Enneagram coach, I facilitate the process of self-discovery and development in growth and change.  The Enneagram is a system of nine personality types combing traditional wisdom with modern psychology which is a powerful tool for understanding ourselves and the people in our lives.


The Enneagram contains three major applications: personal and spiritual growth, successful relationships (personal and professional) and leadership development, team building and communication skills for business. My experience as psychotherapist enables me to guide individuals on their journey towards self-development allowing them to embrace their strengths but also show them pathways and areas of growth.  This self-awareness will lead to a powerful mental and emotional balance and a significantly more fulfilling life for anyone who chooses to embrace it.


Enneagram solutions for you – the power of personalities

When we truly understand how and why our partners, colleagues, staff or bosses behave, we become more empathetic and almost clever in how we manage ourselves and engage with others. The Enneagram is an evidence-based personality assessment. It describes nine interconnected personality types, which define our motivations and explain our self-limiting beliefs. It can be used to direct the growth and development of individuals, couples, teams and organisations. The impact that understanding the Enneagram could have on your life is life- changing and worth exploring.

What is the Enneagram?

The word enneagram derives from two Greek words, ennea (nine) and gram (that which is “written or drawn”). There are nine different Enneagram styles, numbered 1 through 9. Each Enneagram style represents an individual’s core drives and motivations, or their personality type. These nine different styles are expressed across three centres, thinking, feeling and expression in actions. Of course, personalities are far more complex than these nine personality types and are thus separated across 27 different subtypes.

Benefits For The Individual

The Enneagram is a useful tool for improving:

  • self-development

  • enriching relationships

  • conflict resolution

  • and enhancing team dynamics. However, it should not be used to label or limit individuals.

The purpose of the enneagram is to better understand your type, embrace your strengths and accept your weakness so that you can reach your full potential.


The Enneagram can be used to identify and make sense of the problem areas in your life and is thus considered a tool for self-improvement. When you are aware of your problem areas, you can work toward greater self-awareness and self-actualisation. When we are not in balance, we experience difficulties, pain and blockages. By contrast, when we are emotionally and mentally balanced our vibration is high enough for life flow smoothly and with ease. Using the enneagram as a diagnostic tool, we can identify personality traits that are negatively impacting on our lives and learn new ways to manage and restore balance.


How not to use Enneagram?

The Enneagram is not a rigid symbol but rather a dynamic tool, which can guide our growth and development towards a fulfilling life.

Enneagram Types

Each Enneagram (personality) type has its own set of potential strengths and weaknesses. You can learn about these below.

Why bother learning your enneagram?

Identifying your enneagram type and that of others that you spend a lot of time with has many benefits. It can be a source of better communication and increased compassion and empathy in personal relationships and in workplaces. Below you will learn more about just how life-changing learning more about yourself and others around you can be.

Personal Relationships When You Learn Your Enneagram Type

We are all very different, and it stretches further than beliefs or values. We are driven by core fears and needs that determine how we think, feel and act. Once we are aware of these differences, we can achieve a more authentic and understanding way of living.

The enneagram can help a couple enhance their relationship, taking it from good to great.  The benefits for couples in learning their personality types include.

  • More effective communication

Defensiveness happens when fears and unmet needs are triggered.  When a partner understands where these triggers are coming from, effective communication will alleviate these triggers.

  • More empathy

When we truly understand our partner’s way of thinking, empathy grows increasing respect and understanding and eliminating the frustration that leads to misunderstandings.

  • Greater self-acceptance

Each of the nine Enneagram personality types is unique and comes with clear characteristics, blind spots, and defence mechanisms. The more you learn about and accept these about yourself and your partner, the less they will impact your relationship.

  • Better conflict resolution

Knowledge of each other’s personality type, as determined by the enneagram, explains differences in how we manage conflict.  This knowledge can facilitate better stress and conflict management, enabling us to celebrate and embrace our partner’s unique qualities.

Enneagram For Leadership And The Workplace 

Healthy leaders create a healthy workplace. If the top level of an organisation is healthy, that health will spread through the entire organisation. The opposite is true, as well. 

The Enneagram can improve organisational functioning in the following ways:

  1. Increasing self-awareness

Each member of a group has to be self-aware to prevent poor decision making. The enneagram helps individuals to become aware of unhelpful habitual patterns.


   2. Improving Communication

Communication in the workplace improves when everyone knows their Enneagram type. Knowledge of the enneagram helps a person to be more present, opening up the three brain centres: body, feelings and thinking.  It also enables us to be more compassionate listeners.

When we understand your type, we can work towards better versions of ourselves and show increased compassion to co-workers. Being conscious of a co-workers Enneagram type leads to awareness and a better understanding of how they perceive the world. Thus leading to better communication and improving insight when dealing with workplace pressures.


   3. Self-care

Finding balance in life is challenging. This balance is what sustains regular self-care. The Enneagram enables a person to find a balance between their needs and obligations in life.

To achieve this balance, we must attain congruence within the three centres of intelligence. The Mental (Intellectual) centre, the Heart (Emotional) centre and the Body (Physical) centre. The heart centre guides a person to love themselves and others; the mental centre guides us to the inner systems, which then balance our body centre. We must understand these centres in order to recognise incongruence and maintain balance.

   4. Conflict resolution

Different people have different ideas, and these differences are the most common source of conflict. It is important to remember that conflict can be constructive.  The enneagram helps us to identify our triggers when confronting challenges.  Improved knowledge and understanding of these triggers leads to easier, more effective conflict resolution skills.

Knowledge of a colleagues enneagram style in the workplace can make it easier to deal with complexities of interpersonal conflict. When you are a better listener, colleagues or employees will feel they are being heard and understood. Understanding another person’s enneagram type helps us deal with different points of view and resolve conflict in ways that benefit everyone.

   5. Management style

A productive manager is someone who knows themselves well.  The enneagram enables each manager to be that person. The enneagram can support the manager to identify their strengths and weaknesses and provide suggestions for which areas they can work on to become a more productive leader.

A manager who knows themselves will be able to encourage their employees to grow and excel.  Self-awareness gained through the enneagram enables the individual to live in the moment, and this present state contributes to increased productivity.   The enneagram can be used to find the best ways to work with each individual employee, through discovering strengths and identifying and encouraging improvements across areas that need development.