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How a clinical hypnotherapist can improve your life

Hypnosis or the trance state is something every person experiences differently every day.  We are in a trance state when we are daydreaming, entering or exiting sleep and even during intense concentration. During clinical hypnotherapy, this trance state is entered intentionally.

Hypnosis makes the subconscious mind receptive to ideas and thoughts, allowing us to change our behaviors and the way we think. The hypnotic state helps us access inner resources to improve insight, growth and creativity.

Everyone can benefit from hypnosis.  Even highly successful people can be empowered with hypnosis. So whether you are chasing a promotion, want to break a habit, overcome a phobia, reduce anxiety, or improve your overall mental health hypnosis can help.

Hypnotherapy for depression, anxiety, stress, fear and phobias

Anxiety and stress dis-empower affected individuals, interfering with everyday living, relationships, self-worth and even physical health. People’s reactions to anxiety aggravate the cognitive and somatic symptoms they experience. Somatic symptoms include a racing heart, fast and shallow breathing, and other bodily reactions. Cognitive experiences of anxiety include thoughts that something terrible might happen or other extremely worrying thoughts. 

Professional hypnotherapy is highly effective in treating anxiety as well as behaviours arising from it. With hypnosis, I can change the way you view your fears and teach you how to switch them off. Under hypnosis, the root causes of anxiety are identified. By identifying the causes of anxiety, a person can feel empowered and learn to recognise triggers.  With this awareness, we can teach patients mindfulness techniques that can permanently alter their way of thinking. 

Hypnotherapy for habits and addiction

Hair pulling, skin picking and nail-biting are self-inflicted behaviors, which can become extremely frustrating. Some of these behaviors start as a habit in childhood and might continue into adulthood. Willpower alone is not the answer. Results achieved in hypnosis practices world-wide prove that short-term hypnosis is the answer.   These habits are automatic, and a person might not even know they are engaging in them. Hypnosis makes a person aware of their habit, allowing them to  disengage from it consciously. 


Addictions: Drug and Alcohol abuse and overuse

Addictive behavior can interfere with work, relationships, and daily living. Drugs or alcohol may give us delusions of comfort that we seek. In reality, addictions are responsible for increasing discomfort leaving the individual feeling worse about themselves, and the tragic cycle continues. 
Fears of withdrawal symptoms usually prevent a person from attempting to overcome their addiction.  This fear can be overridden with hypnosis and replaced with empowering subconscious beliefs that make overcoming an addiction achievable.

Hypnosis for improving athletic performance

Never underestimate the power of the mind. Being a good athlete comes down to mind over muscle, and an unwavering thirst to be the best. Sports hypnosis is scientifically proven to have performance-enhancing functions. It impacts the mental state of athletes during training and competition by improving their subconscious thoughts. 

Hypnosis also has the supplementary benefit of helping athletes to manage anxiety and stress during competition. Mental relaxation, achieved through hypnosis allows athletes to focus on the task at hand and achieve optimal results. Hypnosis allows athletes to attain such relaxation before and during training sessions, as well as during competitions.

Hypnosis in sports

Helps athletes to better handle nervousness and anxiety
Contributes to relaxation
Facilitates stress management
Increases concentration
Eliminates sports phobia responses
Provides the ability to eliminate distractions
Assists in managing pain
Increases performance motivation, and
Improves bodily awareness

Hypnosis for weight loss, binge eating & bulimia

The goal of hypnosis for managing weight is not to lose weight. Rather, it is to identify the root causes of over or under eating to set individuals free from their constant battle with food. It helps to change the way people view specific foods as good or bad.  Overindulgence is a form of self-punishment for some people and for others, it is a form of comfort.  Misguided views can lead to a cycle of indulgence followed by blame and guilt. With the help of hypnosis, these views can be altered and corrected - thereby breaking the cycle. 
Hypnotherapy gets to the core of the psychological reasons dysfunctional eating habits to start building a healthy lifestyle.

Hypnosis can improve relationships

Do you always attract the wrong partner or push the one you love away? 
Partnerships and romantic relationships are supposed to bring joy and peace to life and improve our health and well being. However, many people face challenges in building and maintaining relationships. They struggle with communication, the fear of disappointing the one they love, doubt their ability to connect physically or emotionally and worry about rejection. Hypnosis can help you to love fearlessly and connect authentically by re framing your mind and freeing you from past hurt.

Hypnosis for Insomnia

We have all felt the effects of sleep deprivation, but for some it is a never-ending struggle. Restlessness, continuous tossing and turning, waking up countless times, night after night can leave a person feeling drained in the morning. Insomnia causes low energy levels and diminished concentration at work, which lead to other unhealthy feelings. It leaves us frustrated and preoccupied with our lack of sleep, perpetuating negative feelings around sleep. 

Research shows that hypnosis is highly successful and widely used in the treatment of insomnia.  Hypnosis helps identify and address the underlying reasons for insomnia, allowing us to achieve a more relaxed state, thereby improving the quality and duration of our sleep.

Stop smoking with hypnotherapy

Quitting smoking is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding things a smoker can do. People When a person tries to quit but doesn’t succeed, it often results in feelings of abject failure. Quitting smoking with hypnosis is unlike other regimes. It has the power to prevent feelings of frustration and symptoms of withdrawal. Instead of ear-bashing smokers about the obvious dangers of their habit, hypnosis assists people by tapping into their own desires and motivations to quit smoking. It removes all of the old obstacles that have prevented them from becoming a non- smoker. 

Hypnotherapy enables clients to deal with the psychological reasons behind their desire to smoke.  Hypnosis also identifies personal barriers to quitting such as stress, fear of failure, fear of gaining weight and anxiety, relationship challenges, and depression. What a patient gains from this is a deeper understanding of themselves and the key to permanent change.


Fear of public speaking

The thought of public speaking can drive fear into the hearts of even the most confident individuals – it overrides all logic. The need to belong is a deep-seated human desire driven by the fear of rejection and being judged.  Rejection and judgement are at the core of the fear of public speaking.

Hypnosis helps us identify the root cause of our fear so we can actively change our automatic, somewhat irrational response to public speaking. Put simply, through hypnosis and re framing, unwanted beliefs and behaviors can be corrected, dissipating fear and allowing self-confidence to flourish.