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Mental and emotional distress can often be traced to anxiety, tension and stress arising out of an imbalance between cognitive or conscious beliefs and desires, and the beliefs and desires held in the sub-conscious mind.

Modern Clinical Hypnotherapy is a powerful form of Psychotherapy combing cognitive therapeutic counselling techniques with subconscious healing techniques. Modern hypnotherapists assist clients to become deeply relaxed so that, with a little guidance, they can begin to make the changes they want in their lives. Clients can be trained so that unhealthy, automatic behaviours and emotional reactions become positive instead of negative.

As a hypnotherapist, I help clients to optimize their health protocols. The hypnotherapist works with clients to become more effective and efficient at work and improve their career prospects. Hypnotherapy achieves this by encouraging positive thinking and a positive attitude. Teaching people how to relax through hypnosis, can help many people improve their quality of life, and in so doing, contribute to a longer and happier life.


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